The Significance of a “Pay-If” Grant

We select researchers with bright minds and innovative ideas, any

one of whom could bring the next critical breakthrough. We receive

nearly 1,300 grant applications each year from top institutions all over

the U.S. Our independent panel of experts follow a rigorous peer-review

process to select the most promising proposals for funding. Although the

Society allocates an estimated $100 million annually to grants that support

cancer research and health training, a significant number of exceptional applications are unable to be funded due to budget constraints. We refer to these as “Pay-If” research projects because we will pay the grant if funds become available. Pay-if projects represent potentially lifesaving research that requires investments above and beyond our existing budget.

“Pay-If” Pilot and Exploratory Project in Palliative Care of Cancer Patients and Their Families
Atrium Health – Levine Cancer Institute in Charlotte, NC 

Amount: $130,000

The study proposes to integrate genetic testing prior to prescribing into practice (pre-emptive pharmacogenomic testing) for patients with cancer. By identifying which therapies are most effective for individual patients based on their genetics, medication type and dose can be tailored to more precisely treat patients. Since most insurers do not current cover the cost of this testing, the research findings will provide valuable data to inform policy and assist medical oncologists and palliative medicine providers to select the best, most personalized, supportive care treatments for cancer patients.

About the Grant Type:
The development of the specialty of palliative medicine is a critical step in addressing the unmet needs of patients with serious illness and their families. Pilot data are typically needed before funding agencies will consider funding a research project. In an effort to support clinician investigators conducting patient-oriented research in palliative care, this grant will generate the pilot data necessary to maximize the investigator’s chances of successfully competing for larger grants.

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